BTS: Ta To Gucci Remix (Part 1)

This one is a throwback I found while organizing my files during Covid-19 lockdown. A short Behind The Scenes video of the production of the Ta To Gucci Remix music video I did a while back in which I was the Director of Photography, colorist, art director and worked on the concept also. One of my favorite videos I’ve worked on. I probably slept 3 hours the day before this one since we were shooting 4 music videos non-stop, from Monday to Thursday on that same week we did Ta To Gucci Remix.


Crew for the music video

Director: Armando Rivera
DoP: Kruz Rivera
Producer: Vianca K. Rosario
Edit: Ángel Cruz + Armando Rivera
Color Grading: Kruz Rivera
1st AC: Jorge Garrido
Gaffer: Gabriel Torres
Grip: Carlos “Cali” Rivera
Loader: Luis Berríos Nieves
Jib Operator: Felix Rosa
Production Design: Kruz Rivera
Production Assistants:
Lucy Enid Rivera
Jessenia Pastrana
Josuan del Valle
Shakira A. Calderón
Vehicle on Set: Ivan Joel
Runner: Lemuel Rivera
Hair & Make Up: Jovalerize Díaz + Melanie M. Rodríguez
Stylists: Mandi Pereira + Wiwi Rivera
BTS Photos & Video: Juan Rentas + Ángel Cruz + Joel Vega

Shot on Arri Alexa Mini and Cooke miniS4/i Prime Set


BTS shot by: Joel Vega ( / Titles by me.

Cinematographer and Art Director from Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

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