BTS: Fuego En El Fuego Remix


Another BTS video from last year, this one was shot by Jan Rolon for the music video “Fuego En El Fuego” which I worked on as DP for Director Roxana Baldovin. I shot this one with RED Dragon-X, a set of ZEISS ZF.2 prime lenses and a Sigma Art 18-35mm. This was a bit of a tough project because the footage was lost due to an error on one of the cards with some of the performances, but, RED came through and helped us recover it, since not even REDundead could do the job we sent it out to their techs and after about 2-3 weeks we got it back with everything recovered, thankfully.

For this video I used a mix of Arri tungsten lights, Arri Skypanels, Astera Titan Tubes and 1 Digital Sputnik Voyager lights. I will try to share some of my lighting diagrams for future reference of other videos.


• Go check out the music video:


CREW for the Music video:
Director: Roxana Baldovin (Señora Directora)
DoP: Kruz Rivera
Producer: Vianca K. Rosario
Edit: Joshua Burgos
1st AC: Jorge Garrido
Gaffer: Bryan Cotto
Key Grip: Johnsue Vargas
Art Director: José Matos Cosme
Production Assistant: Shakira A. Calderón + Raúl Pérez + Brandon Camacho

Make Up: Melanie M. Rodríguez
BTS Photos & Video: Jan Rolón
Fire Dancer: Sak Entertainment
Special FX (Pyro): All Effects Puerto Rico

Shot on RED Dragon X and ZEISS ZF.2 Prime Lens Set + Sigma Art 18-35mm


BTS shot by: Jan Rolón ( / Titles by me.

Cinematographer and Art Director from Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

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